Concise Legal Research 5th edition by Robert Watt in ALTONA MEADOWS, Victoria for sale

Concise Legal Research 5th edition by Robert Watt
Concise Legal Research 5th edition by Robert Watt
Concise Legal Research 5th edition by Robert Watt

Format: Paperback, 288 pages, 5th Revised edition Edition
Published In: Australia, 20 July 2004
Concise Legal Research explains how to research law with confidence and in good time.
Table of Contents
Introduction Citation Primary source material Commonwealth, NSW, selected Australian jurisdictions and UK Delegated legislation Law reports Secondary source material Finding the law in New Zealand, Canada and India Finding the law in the United States of America International law The legal materials of the European Union Non-commercial internet addresses for legal research Index
The introduction to this book is worth quoting ... King George III is reputed to have said that a lawyer is not a person who knows the law but one who knows where to find it. It could be added that a good and successful lawyer is one who can find the law quickly, and with the available materials. This is what is meant by concise legal research. This is the 5th Edition of this book since 1993. The number of editions reflects the changes in this area with the introduction of electronic publishing. This is a comprehensive summary of legal research resources. ... Although not a practice manual, there is some brief explanation of the relative merits of various sources and ways of searching. There are many useful snippets ... Although an Australian book, half of the 271 pages of this book is devoted to legal resources on International Law and the laws of New Zealand, Canada, India, the USA and Europe. ... This is a worthy book for every law student. All practitioners need to know what it teaches. If you have lost confidence with your research skills, a couple of hours reading of the book will refresh your knowledge, improve your skills and increase your confidence. - Tim Tierney, Tasmanian Law Society Newsletter, December 2004
Publisher: Federation Press
ISBN: 1862875154
EAN: 9781862875159
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Age Range: 15+ years
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